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Ganondagan's White Corn Project puts the aspirations of Haudenosaunee people at the heart of the project; passing on cultural wisdom to future generations; ensuring healthy, culturally appropriate food is produced sustainably; and contributing to the health and well-being of the community.
Your year-end gift supports Ganondagan's White Corn Project and will help us reach our financial goal of $18,000

Handing braiding the husks of corn

Your generosity helps to protect and restore Haudenosaunee food sovereignty by

  • Employing Haudenosaunee youth while providing cultural teaching
  • Purchasing White Corn from Haudenosaunee Farmers 
  • Working with Haudenosaunee culture bearers and foodways bearer
  • Providing ongoing cultural programming focused on Indigenous food and food systems


The good work we do

  • Present Indigenous food programs featuring Indigenous cooks, chefs and cultural knowledge keepers offering cultural and communal experiences  
  • Collaborate with Indigenous peoples worldwide, sharing traditional foods, regenerative agricultural practices, and strategies for cultural revitalization
  • Reintroduce Indigenous foods and healthy sustainable food systems to Haudenosaunee youth and community members
  • Share traditional cultural knowledge while protecting and restoring Indigenous food practices
  • Cultivate and harvest our "Three Sisters Garden"; promoting hands-on learning around sustainability and growing practices
  • Present programming and outreaches at local colleges, organizations, and Indigenous communities
  • Cultivate cultural leadership through growth opportunities for Haudenosaunee youth 
  • Document food sovereignty practices featuring White Corn processing, Indigenous cooking, foodways and cultural traditions
  • Work with Haudenosaunee farmers to grow culturally important White Corn, purchasing it from them, and processing it for Haudenosaunee communities
  • Strengthen community relationships, building cultural bridges and sharing traditional knowledge at our annual Husking Bee, Sorting Bees and cultural programs

“At Ganondagan hundreds of thousands of bushels of corn were grown by the Seneca people. Much of that was destroyed in 1687 by a French campaign to defeat the Seneca. We opened Ganondagan in 1987 and in 2012 we brought the White Corn Project to Ganondagan to grow and process corn and to stimulate the growth in our communities.

Ganondagan's White Corn Project provides employment for our young people. It is a great introduction to carrying on a job and showing up on time. Not only are we creating a great product, but we are also developing reliable employees and people who contribute back to their communities.

The quality of our product is evidence of the demand we have for it.”

- G. Peter Jemison (Seneca, Heron Clan); Artist, Culture Bearer, and Founding Site Manager, Ganondagan State Historic Site

“The mission of Ganondagan's White Corn Project is to encourage Haudenosaunee farmers to grow the corn and for people in our communities to eat it for more than just special occasions or ceremonial use, making it something they eat every day,”

- Jeanette Jemison (Mohawk, Snipe Clan), Friends of Ganondagan Program Director

Your financial support helps ensure Ganondagan's White Corn Project
remains vibrant - reflecting the resiliency, determination and vision of the Seneca and Haudenosaunee peoples.

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