Iroquois White Corn Project


Welcome to the Iroquois White Corn Project! As is our tradition, we start every gathering by giving thanks, so we’d like to begin by thanking you for visiting our website. We hope you find interesting and helpful information about us and our products, while learning about our traditional agricultural teachings. 

Made with Good Minds once again at Ganondagan, our Iroquois White Corn is now available for your own nutritious culinary creations. Healthy for you, healthy for Mother Earth.

Iroquois White Corn: hand-grown, hand-picked, hand-processed, our Iroquois White Corn is traditionally and carefully managed and protected to bring you nutritious corn products from heirloom seeds dating back at least 1,400 years in Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) communities.

Unfortunately, our online shop is currently down. As a result of a drought during the last growing season, Iroquois White Corn is in limited supply. 



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